General Surgery Referral Guide (Email Courtney Beach 10/2014)

Urology Referrals (DeSoer Email 2/2010)

Minor procedures clinic referral guidelines (per Kim Haglund, September 2008).

Bariatric surgery referral advice (from Kim Haglund, September 2008).

Elective surgery advice for the uninsured/pending patient (from Kim Haglund, September 2008).

Surgery referral grid (from Kim Haglund, September 2008)

Peri-operative beta blocker guidelines (from Courtney Beach, October 2008)

Preoperative Resources for the FPC (from Stuart Forman and Kristin Moeller January 2010)

Wound clinic referrals (from Lara Wright, November 2008)

Vein Clinic

ENT page

Neurosurgery Referrals (10/2009)

Orthopedics (and Musculoskeletal)