Insurance Codes and Referral to Audiology:

For children

An option is CEID, the Center for Early Intervention on Deafness, which can do hearing testing for children with MediCal and with CCHP (the latter requires doing a prior authorization but is usually approved). Like all audiology, they are very busy, so as of April 2011, they were scheduling appointments in October! However, the person on the phone said for more urgent issues, they maintain a wait list and can usually get patinets in sooner.

For Adults

Audiology is no longer covered by Medi-cal. Also note that Medicare will only pay for "medically necessary exams." I assume an exam for hearing loss is a medically necessary exam.

Can Send to Audiology:
MT-Medicare + Medi-Cal
Other Medicare codes: ME MG MH MI M9 FA FB FH FK FL FY F9 and VT
AO-Basic Health Care
AZ-Pending Basic Health Care: will be held on waiting list until approval
TR-restricted Medi-Cal: only if pregnant or a child

Not covered for Audiology:
TO-Straight Medi-Cal
GO-Medi-Cal via CCHP
Other Medi-Cal codes:TP, EA, ED, ED, EF, Ei, EJ
TZ-Pending Medi-Cal: will be held on waiting list until approval

What to do for the Medi-Cal patients. If there is an ear problem you may be able to send them to ENT. If they just need a hearing aid I've referred some patients to the Lions Club. I've not gotten feedback yet on how successful that is. Here is their information I've pulled from the 211 database on the Contra Costa Crisis Center webpage:

Lions Hearing Foundation of the East Bay
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
Area Served: East Bay Counties
Fax Number: 550-291-4666
Service Description: Provides donated hearing aids to low income, US citizen or legal immigrant; donation of $150 per hearing aid; call to locate service provider in area. Accepts used hearing aids.

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