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Consultation available 24 hours per day from OB on-call at 925-370-5608 or via page/amion, via inbasket to OB dept member or by calling Perinatologist at 510-444-0790 during the day and 510-204-1572 after hours. Consultation appointments or transfer of care to more experienced prenatal clinician available at major clinics sites—see consultation guidelines for more information.

Asthma in Pregnancy

Oxygenation is important in pregnancy for both the mother and the fetus. Fortunately, asthma medications are not contraindicated in pregnancy. Make sure that your patients with asthma have a refill on their inhaler(s) available in case of an exacerbation and that they know to use them if necessary.

Prednisone is not thought to cross the placenta and is thus considered safe in pregnancy. Note that glucoses may worsen if GDM or DM is present on prednisone. Prednisone does not improve fetal lung maturity so if there is concern for preterm delivery Betamethasone is still indicated.