Adult Medicine Core Topic Review

(previously known as the Ambulatory Topic Review)

This is a session during which three residents (FMC 1, OMP and Med Outpatient) will present a topic review. This will be followed by three faculty presentations- see below. The goal is to have at least one of these presentations be live, the other two will be recorded.

FMC 2 and 3, Clinics 1 residents also attend but they can just relax and enjoy the learning!

The session is held every block on a Tuesday AM- consult for time and date, you will receive location information in a reminder email about one week prior to the session.
The staff and topics are as follows:
(link to powerpoint slides here - must use ccfamilymed account to view)
  • Sara Levin / Joe Chavez Carey- Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Kalyani McCullough- Rheumatology
  • Larry Boly- HIV

If you are a presenter (FMC1, OMP, Med Outpatient)- please see below:

Previous Topics:
Click here for the Archive of older / duplicated items

Atrial Fibrillation (Dave Carey 2-13)
Aspirin for Primary Prevention of CAD (Jeanna Radosevich 4-13)
Hyperlipidemia (Abby Rardin 7-13)
Hypertriglyceridemia (Danielle Draper 12-13)
Rheumatic Heart Disease (Jay Reinking 10-13)
Statins in Primary Prevention (Rohan Radhakrishna 11-13)

Acanthosis Nigricans (Lauren Wondolowski 9-12)
Acne vulgaris (Stephen Merjavy 11-12)
Basal Cell Carcinoma (Jay Reinking 11-11)
Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma (Dave Lee 6-12)
Eczema (Travis Nelson 7-13)
Eczema (Erin Stratta 10-13)
IBD: Extra-intestinal Manifestations (Kendra Johnson 7-13) Pictures
Infantile Hemangioma (Abby Luensmann 12-12)
Onychomycosis (Jennifer Owen 12-13)
Psoriasis (Chris Henneberg 9-13)
Scabies and Lice (Danielle Draper 2-13)
Seborrheic Keratosis (Emily Cotter 4-13)
Sun Effects on Skin (Jeana Radosevich 1-14)

Thyroid Nodules (Jay Reinking 1-13)

Acute Sinusitis (Tina Toosky 4-13)

Adenomatous Polyps (Shelle Schwamberger 4-12)
Colorectal Cancer (John Parr 5-13)
Crohn's Disease (Neal Sheran 8-13)
Dyspepsia [handout/PPT] (Neil Jackson 12-14)
Hemorrhoids (Michelle Robello 6-13)
Transaminase elevation (Brent Sugimoto 4-13)

Anticoagulation (Kovaleski 11-14)

Hepatitis B (Cotter 12-14)
Hepatitis C (Kate Goheen 10-12)
HIV- Postexposure Prophylaxis (Melena Beaton 6-13)
URI (Jim Walls 12-13)
Viral Hepatitis (Hamad 12-12)

Depression (Brea Bondi-Boyd 12-12)
Insomnia (Schweid-Romito 7-13)
Methamphetamine Abuse (Brent Porteous 7-12)
Somatoform Disorder (Jon Froyd 6-12)

Calcium and Vitamin D (Emily Cotter 11-13)
High Ankle Sprain (Erin Stratta 1-12)
Plantar Fasciitis (Jim Walls 4-13)

Primary Care of the Renal Transplant Patient (Courtney Wright 2-13)
Proteinuria (Michelle Robello 9-12)

Dizziness (Travis Nelson 6-13)
Multiple Sclerosis (Trang Lehman 10-12)
Neurosyphilis (Ashley Ballard 12-12)

Childhood Obesity (Dave Piccinati 10-12)

Asthma (Joe Mega 4-12)
COPD (Erin Helgerson 9-12)
Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Trang Lehman 2-13)

Arthritis- OA v RA v Other (Mehrens 6-13)
Lupus (Schweid-Romito 3-13)
Polymyalgia Rheumatica (Bradley Randles 6-12)

BPH (Bonnie Kwok 7-14)
Prostate Cancer Screening (Kate Goheen 7-12)

Amenorrhea (Bondi-Boyd 3-13)
Breast Cancer in Primary Care (Ramos 9-12)
Breast Mass Workup (David Longstroth 4-13)
Menopause & HRT (Hennenberg 12-14)
Perinatal Cannabinoids (Rohan Radhakrishna 8-13)

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