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  2. Type in “Expressive Arts”
  3. Click “Database Lookup” (F7) to find the Expressive Arts referral.
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Strategic Plan: Improving community wellness through the arts & creative programs
Brief History
  • 2011 Healing Through The Arts - Started with consultant Blair Sadler (IHI Senior Fellow, former CEO Rady Children's Hospital, San Diego) + core group
  • December 2012 - CCRHF became Fiscal Sponsor CCRHF
  • 2013 - Work and vision of ArtsChange absorbed into AHH
  • September 2013 - Strategic Planning
  • February 2014 - Rehab Services chosen as base camp (joining Expressive Arts Therapy)
  • Officially operational for approximately two years at several locations in CCHS system
  • Program developed organically through the vision & commitment of program committee
  • Committee is comprised of hospital employees and volunteers who believe in the arts as a means for improving the wellness of the health system's service population and staff, and for contributing to a healing environment of care
Focus Areas: *Adopted from the Arts and Health Alliance (previously SAH): 1: Healing Environments 2. Patient Care 3. Caring for Caregivers (e.g. staff) 4. Community Well-Being 5. Education

Strategic Priorities 2013-2017
In order to have a strategic focus and intent that is clear and evidence-based, yet allows for the flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing healthcare landscape, the following objectives were adopted:

1) Improve community wellness through the arts and creative programming
Create an atmosphere that contributes to healing & wellness by eliminating clutter & extraneous noise, having music and art available, improving waiting areas and signage and beautifying all buildings, areas and gardens.

2) Engage, support and empower staff through the arts, creative opportunities & education
Provide avenues for staff to not only have a robust menu of options they can recommend to patients and families, but also the resources and support they need to better care for themselves.

3) Create a culture and healing environment in which the arts are accessible and engaging for everyone
The main objective is to help improve the health and well-being of our community, Contra Costa County. Beyond the patients and families that use our system, and the staff who work there, innumerable people are affected by the actions of our health system.

To support these objectives, the following processes were identified as core:

4) Create sustainable infrastructure to solidify, support and expand this movement
Create a framework supported by dedicated staff time, documented process and solid community partnerships to maintain the energy and resources necessary to ensure that this effort endures.

5) Commit to a robust, engaging communication process, for people both internal & external to the organization
Utilize existing methods of communication and investigate how people want to receive information about programs, events, and resources available.

GOALS & ACTION - Real environmental transformation and the integration of creative programs into all of health care will come from a multi-year process, including close collaboration with other Health Services divisions and County departments, operational and business planning, and investment in infrastructure and staff capacity.

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Expressive Arts Therapy Program (EXA)

Strategic Planning Teamexternal image 63.jpg
From top left: Rhonda Smith (new AHH manager), Timothy Taylor, Sally Denman (Napa State), Tess O'Riva, Alan Siegel (Director), Karen Lloyd, Tim Friend. Bottom row: Jill Sonke (Consultant), Napoleon Dargan, Cheryl Toledo.

Year 1 *done or in progress

Improve Community Wellness
  • Expand Art N' the Lobby *
  • Implement Art At the Bedside *
  • Design Storytelling program
  • Implement Therapy Pets *
  • Expand music program in public areas
  • Implement bedside music program
  • Expand Expressive Arts Therapy program *
Empower Staff
  • Secure wellness spaces for staff *
  • Hold wellness classes/fairs
  • Create programs for staff
  • Improve staff interconnection
  • Provide space for staff art/expression
  • Expand Healthcare Workers As Creators Event
Healing environment
  • Formalize visual arts program
  • Implement rotating community art exhibits
  • Install healing images/sounds TV channel *(proposed)
  • Participate in Welcoming/Lobby project *
Sustainable infrastructure
  • Partner with Arts & Culture Commission *
  • Solidify process for grant application support
  • Obtain fiscal sponsor/administrative "home" *
  • Identify & propose personnel needs
Robust communications
  • Revise AHH website & newsletter *
  • Build social media presence *
  • Link to affiliated organizations
  • Have standing article in CEO newsletter *
  • Create PR plan with Communication Unit

Year 3
Improve Community Wellness (CW)
  • Expand iPad program
  • Meditation & Movement classes
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Photovoice project
  • Art Cart 2 (with staff art) for patient rooms
Empower Staff (ST)
  • Caring for the Caregiver retreat
  • Expand Farmer's Market
  • Hold 1st Annual Fun Run
  • Create CIIS Certificate Program
  • Populate Art Cart 2 with staff art
Healing Environment (HE)
  • Welcoming, consistent signage-all locations
  • Permanent art installations: CCRMC & all 8 Health Centers (Lobbies, halls & exteriors)
Sustainable Infrastructure (INFRA)
  • Program Coordinator
  • Administrative support
  • Art curation resources
  • Community artists
Robust Communications (COMM)
  • Increased presence on CCHS Vimeo channel
  • CCTV programming
  • Robust newsletter list
  • Links with other organizations

Year 5 (see index under Year 3)
  • CW - Spread successful programs into all health centers
  • ST - Identify biggest stressors in system of care & plan to address
  • ST - Ensure wellness spaces & resources for staff in all locations
  • ST - Provide technical assistance to interested CCHS divisions
  • HE - Make all buildings & grounds more meditative, welcoming & beautiful
  • COMM - Incorporate AHH responsibilities into all applicable job descriptions
  • COMM - Include information on AHH and other resources into CCHS New Employee Orientation

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