DFMLG will attempt to maintain this new page to distribute information important to DFM. If you wish for something to be posted, you can either join the wiki and edit the page yourself or email Tai Roe, who will be primarily responsible for maintaining this.
Mission statement


If you are interested in helping out with the new cross-coverage (in basket) proposal, i.e. sign up for a half day, please contact your local division head. If you would be interested only if it would still count towards panel management call, still please contact your local division head (we are trying to assess the impact of that factor).

If you want someone to be acknowledged for special contributions on behalf of DFM, please contact Tai Roe.

Email updates

This is a running compilation of updates, starting with #8.


  1. Ambulatory Care Redesign team
  2. Postpartum rounding
  3. Kaizens


Check out some graphs of some high-level data about DFM at our new DFM Dashboard.

Appointment Slot Rules

These are the appointment slot rules


  1. More effective use of LVN panel manager/teamwork/PCMH
  2. Open communication between DFMLG and DFM
  3. Cross coverage
  4. Provider morale
  5. Improve access to DFM providers
  6. Metrics, i.e. patient-oriented data
  7. Collaborating with nursing
  8. Fix specialist referrals/improved access to specialists
  9. Determine In-Basket volumes


Medical Executive Committee (MEC) meetings:
2013 07 13
2013 06 17

Ambulatory Policy

Table of Contents


Chair: Tai Roe
West County: Will Sheldon
Martinez: Ken Katzman
Concord: Lisa Quinones
East County: Teresa Madrigal
Far East County: Joe Chavez Carey
Inpatient: Andrea Sandler
Nurse Practitioners: Howard Shaw

Other committees or projects

Ambulatory Care Redesign (ACR) Implementation Group: Jamie Navel (2:30 to 4:30 PM every Thursday)
Peer Review: Annie Cherayil
Informatics Advisory Committee: Kwan Chun, Jamie Navel
ccLink Superusers: Chandra Wildfire, Jamie Pehling, Nishant Shah, Jose Yasul, Kwan Chun, Joseph Chavez Carey, Zita Latona
Order Set Committee: Jamie Navel
Institute of Healthcare Improvement Teams:
MHC: Jamie Navel
WCHC: Alan Siegel

Useful Links

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